3 steps to looking great on New Year’s eve

photo by Nava Monde (www.avecart.com)


I’m sure we are all super excited about the upcoming New Year celebration. I mean who doesn’t love presents, great food and lots of champagne? Everyone is all dressed up and gorgeous looking, so it is logical to want to look your best. Here are 3 easy steps, that guarantee to have you in goddess mode in time.

Step 1 –  Upgrade your beauty ritual

If you start doing face masks 3 times a week, stop forgetting your moisturizer and massaging your face while applying it, I guarantee you , that by the 30th your face will have a glow, no highlighter can give. And if you are on a budget – check out these DIY face mask recipes that I swear by.

Step 2 –  Fit into that dress

Ok, let’s be realistic. You can’t lose a lot of weight in a month’s time without harming your body or going through surgery. However, you can easily lose a few kgs and tone up your body to make it look completely different. All you need is to simply follow a few eating rules, add 20 minutes of exercise to your daily routine ( check out my top 5 at home workout routines) , and introduce your body to scrubs and vacuum massage (learn how to do it here) . All these things can be done at home, and don’t need you to have millions on your bank account. For recipe ideas check out my Healthy recipe section.

Step 3 – Feel confident

Sometimes all we need to look good is to simply feel confident about ourselves. Don’t go for a dress that is too tight, even if it is new and sexy. Go for the one that you feel more comfortable in, even if it’s old, and just accessorize it to give it a new look. Don’t wear heels that you can barely stand in, and choose those that allow you to run a marathon in. Wear sexy underwear that you like, for you, and not because someone will see them. If you feel sexy, you will look sexy, all you need to do is believe it.

Korres Cucumber eye mask

korres eye mask

What is Korres?

This Greek brand, originated in Athens in 1996. Its founder was a pharmacist, who was interested in producing all natural beauty products with the use of homeopathy. The brand was a pioneer in natural skin care in its country. Its first ever skin care product was the Wild Rose 24-hour cream, which today is a worldwide bestseller.

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NYX Prismatic Shadows collection – worth the Hype?

NYX prismatic

These shadows are probably the prettiest shadows I have seen recently. They grabbed my attention at the store, and once I started swatching them, I was hooked. That’s why I ended up with 5 different colors.

They are soft, almost cream like, and extremely pigmented! There is also very little fallout, which is amazing for shimmery shades.

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Lemongrass House coffee and coconut body butter – Yay or Nay?

Lemongrass body butter

What is Lemongrass House?

 This family business originated all the way in Thailand, about 20 years ago. The brand is organic, and even its headquarters are made up of  yellow and green recycled shipping containers.  The products were originally made in the kitchen of the family’s and sold at a local Weekend Market. Its mosquito repellent balm, was made famous by UNICEF, who placed a huge order for it, giving the brand its big break.

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