Skin care travel essentials: Travelling made easy

Follow these 6 steps during travelling and trust me, you will thank me later

beauty travel essentials

I don’t know about you, but I love and hate travelling at the same time. On one hand, I really enjoy visiting new places and the feel of adventure it brings, while on the other hand, I hate being on a plane. I really doubt that there is anybody who actually feels 100% comfortable during flights. My skin feels dry, my lips get chapped, I feel bloated and unclean. That’s why it is so important for me, to pack my hand held bag with all the things, that might help me sort at least some of the problems above.

These are my travel essentials, that I literally swear by!


Caudalie beauty elixir

The number one factor that harms your skin during flight is the dry air. So hydrating it throughout that period of time is essential. The Caudalie Beauty Elixir is a facial mist , that cools your skin , while hydrating it. It refreshes and awakens you, while its scent has aromatherapy qualities.


Simple moisturising facial wash

I hate travelling with makeup on my face, as it only worsens the skin’s position during flights. The dry air inside the plane is already not giving enough oxygen to the skin, so the make – up actually blocks out the little amount, that could go in. This is why, one of my top tips is, to have a travel sized bottle of your face wash with you, and to make sure you clean your face before the flight. I grabbed this travel sized Simple kind to skin moisturizing facial wash on my recent trip to Edinburgh, and have really been enjoying it. Facial wipes are also great, as they can save you time and get the job done. Soap and Glory’s Off Your Face and their Fab Pore are some of my absolute favorites.

Soap and Glory facial wipes


Soap and Glory beauty sleep accelerator

After I have washed my face I always put on a moisturizer to once again hydrate and also protect my skin. After you wash your face, you strip it off its natural protective layer, so a good moisturizer will help. Make sure to grab yours with you! I really like Soap and Glory’s Beauty Sleep Accelerator. It revives my skin and doesn’t have a heavy feel to it. Also the traditional peachy Soap and Glory scent is a nice bonus.


lip balms

My lips are usually dry anyway, so when I go on a trip, they go completely crazy. They crack, chap and pretty much just hurt all the time. That’s why it is crucial for me to have a heavy duty lip balm with me. I actually go even further and bring a lip serum and a lip balm. First I apply DR.Organic’s virgin coconut oil  lip serum ( this works magic if applied as a primer before a liquid lippie too!), that is made of all natural ingredients and helps to immediately cover your lips with a protective layer, and then on top I add a layer of Bobbi Brown’s lip balm . Yes, it’s quite up there in price, but it really works! And you get  a lot of product, which means it will last you for ages.


hand sanitizers

This is a must, not just for travelling, but for everyday situations. Making sure you clean your hands of germs before you touch your skin, eyes, lips etc is rule number 1. I simply adore the Bath and Body Works hand sanitizers. They are really cute and have fantastic scents.  Another really great sanitizer is the Soap and Glory Hand Maid.


hand creams

I usually tend to forget to apply hand cream, which is a really stupid thing to do. This is because the skin on your hands deserves as much care as your face does. Your hands can give away your age, even when your face looks young and fresh, as their skin ages too. To prevent your hands from aging too early, using a hand cream, has to become a staple part of your routine. There are heaps of really great hand creams out there for different prices. My personal favorites for travelling are : L’occitane amande delicious hands, Clarins hand and nail treatment cream and Lush’s charity pot (this one is quite heavy, but it really works wonders for your skin).

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