Worth the Hype? My experience with H&M makeup

The First Attempt

I think I first heard about H&M’s makeup line on YouTube back in 2014, and being a big fan of the clothing line, I won’t lie , I was interested. The promise of a good product for a reasonable price is something that always catches your attention, doesn’t it? I was living in Moscow at that time, and as soon as the local stores started selling the new beauty collection, I ran to one of them to see if my interest was going to be rewarded. It wasn’t.

The packaging looked tacky, the products smelled weird, and all together the collection looked more like something sold at a pound store.

Nevertheless, I purchased the Nudes and Metallic,Shimmer,Matte eyeshadow pallets and the Lip tint ( that looked like a very obvious dupe for the OCC Lip Tars, which were the bomb.com at that time).

Eyeshadows  Lip Tint from H&MEyeshadows

After playing with the above at home, I found out that the shadows were powdery and had poor pigmentation, while the lip tint…let’s just say I felt sorry for my lips, to try and wear it another time. Without a second thought they went down the bin ( hence the usage of pictures ( all property of H&M, not mine) and not actual photos).

Upset and disappointed, I decided that H&M should stick to clothing, and leave the makeup to brands like Maybelline or L’oreal.  And this is where I was wrong…

The New Launch

In 2015 H&M did a complete re-branding of the beauty line by  launching more than 700 new beauty products – including tools, hair, makeup, skin care, and nail polish. And even though at first I was unwilling to try it, the hype around it was getting bigger and bigger, and eventually curiosity killed the cat.

So this year I gave in, and visited my local  H&M store in Nicosia. And let me tell you, I was in awe! Everything looked so different, so shiny, pretty and exciting. Little goes to say, this time I grabbed much more than just 3 items.

The Products

The Eyeshadow Swatches

From Top to bottom:

  1. desirous
  2. triple raspberry
  3. papaya ice
  4. russet rose
  5. palm springs
  6. award season
  7. molten mauve
  8. cinnamon roll

The Review

Design and packaging

I think the new design looks very stylish and definitely grabs your attention. The sleek combo of the colours, black and gold, gives a luxe feeling to the line, and reminds me a bit of the new Victoria Beckham and Estee Lauder collaboration, which used the same colour pallet.   The quality of the packaging itself isn’t as great though. The plastic of the eye shadows and powders feels cheap and light, and I would definitely not take them traveling, as I would be scared, that they would simply not survive the trip.  Also the powders don’t have mirrors, which isn’t something too big of a deal, but does take away points from the product’s usability factors.

As much as I liked the look of the powders’ and eye shadows’ packaging, I think the lip balm packaging is horrible. It looks OK on photos, but in person, it isn’t something I would proudly take out of my purse. I think it would have been much much better, if they made it in the same packaging as the lipsticks, which by the way, don’t look half bad, and can easily be mistaken for the Calvin Klein ones.


The face powders and the eye shadows have a silky feel to them and will for sure take you by surprise with their high pigmentation.

Personally I think that quality wise these products could easily give a run for their money to much more expensive brands.

The Pure Radiance powder blusher in taupe brown, is a great contour colour , that blends beautifully, and I find myself reaching for it more, than my NARS lagoon bronzer.

The eye shadows for sure, are the winners of the whole line. Their colour selection is UNBELIEVABLE.

They blend beautifully, can be used wet or dry, and have a selection of various finishes (shimmery, matte, silky). They are the ones I would definitely recommend getting a hold off.

The lipstick feels like a gel when applied, and leaves the lips feeling hydrated and comfortable. It is unscented, which I think is a plus, as not everyone likes a strong scent to their lip products. And all together is a good product. Not AMAAZING but GOOD. The lip balm is where I am torn. It has on oil like feel to it, is not sticky ( which is great), and has a really strong overpowering vanilla scent. The colour payoff is very similar to the sheer lipstick described above. However I do think there are a lot of  lip balms out there, that are cheaper and work just as well, if not better. And the vanilla scent kind of made me nauseous after some time.

Final Thoughts

After carefully thinking it through, I believe that the new H&M beauty launch is definitely worth the hype. It can easily stand side to side with drugstore brands, that have been on the market for ages. The price tag is reasonable, and explains the usage of the cheap plastic in the packaging. Overall, I really think you should try the powders and the shadows, but I would keep clear from the lip balms.


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