Biotherm Liquid Glow – Yay or Nay?

bitoherm liquid glow oil


I have been a fan of Biotherm for quite some time and am really surprised, that barely anybody talks about it. The brand (which is owned by L’Oréal under the Luxury Products division) got its beginning after a French biologist discovered mineral thermal spring waters under Pyrenees mountain, that contained thermal plankton (hence the name BioTHERM).


As I mentioned above, I have been using the brand’s products for ages. I have tried their moisturizers, their cleansers and their toners. But it’s my recent find, that made the brand receive a staple place in my collection.

biotherm liquid glow oil open

Tadaaa! Say hello to the Biotherm Liquid Glow ! It’s a facial oil, that promises to instantly revive your complexion giving it a “glow”. And when I first opened it, the orange liquid seemed to really have a glowing effect (which of course was only my imagination working its deceiving magic). The oil itself consists of astaxanthin (an antioxidant algae extract) and a blend of natural oils.

It has a very fresh and pleasant scent, that doesn’t linger or overpower, and that is perfect for a relaxing facial massage session.

biotherm liquid glow oil drop

It is quite runny, so you have to be careful while applying it, but either than that, I don’t think I can say anything bad about it!  The oil’s main advantage is its multipurposeness.

I use it as my massage oil, add it to my moisturizer at night, for an extra skin detox, and use it to touch up any dry spots on my face during day.

I also use it as a mask after a long flight. You just need to leave a thick layer of it on for 10 minutes and then simply wipe the excess. This really helps the skin to look alive again and boosts its hydration to the max. It isn’t greasy, sticky or heavy. Also a few drops go a long way.

All together it’s just a really pleasant addition to my skin care routine. I can’t say anything about the glow, because my skin isn’t exactly dull to begin with, however it has definitely helped my skin stay hydrated and made it really  smooth. Definitely worth trying!

biotherm liquid gllow oil sillhouette

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