Best Top 5 at Home Workouts

Time flew and summer is literally round the corner, so now is the time to really get yourself together and start getting in shape. As the sweaters are put away and the oh so fashionable crop tops come out , we all want to make sure we look our best.

Getting fit, shouldn’t be about losing weight, or becoming skinny. Getting fit, is about toning and strengthening your body, making you feel unbeatable and super strong, channeling your inner SUPER women.

Below is a list of my favourite home workouts, that have really helped me to achieve all of the above. You can do them at home, at the gym or anywhere else you like. And the best part is that you don’t need more than 30 minutes on them, so they literally work for everyone! You can follow the training plan I made for myself, or mix and match your own!

MONDAY – 20 minutes


I like to start the week with a really strong workout, making me feel super motivated and strong. This 20 minute high intensity workout really gets me sweating and pumps my adrenaline level high. The exercises are not that hard to follow. Also, I like the fact that Christine manages to keep the pace of the workout accessible for everyone. I like these kinds of workouts mainly because you tone and strengthen your body at the same time using just your body weight. Oh and feel free to skip the additional abs workout at the end. Always listen to your body and don’t over push it.

TUESDAY –  8 + 20-30 minutes


This butt toning workout is really good because of its variety. Tess shows you more than 10 different exercises. Later on  you can use your favourite ones to build your own personalized routine. Once again you don’t need any equipment here, except a chair (but I think we all have that at home 🙂 ).


On this day I also add a yoga work out from my favourite channel “Yoga with Adriene”.  You can really try any of her videos ( and she has a great variety of workouts with a different duration) , but I would recommend starting with either one of her 30 day challenges (“Yoga Revolution challenge”  series, “Yoga Camp” and “30 days of Yoga”) or choosing a video that is around 20- 30 minutes. This way you really get to have the full yoga experience and your body will get the stretch it needs.

WEDNSDAY – 15 + 15 minutes


I love Sarah and her sunny and happy personality. This at home workout is once again a high intensity one, so don’t let the 15 minute time period fool you. I know I am always sweating like mad by its end!  That’s why its great to mix in a short yoga practice at the end. Great that Adriene’s channel has a whole playlist with short and fun practices.

THURSDAY – 20 minutes

And we go back to our Monday HIIT workout. At first I found this workout super hard, but as time passed it got easier and easier! You just have to believe in yourself and give it a try. If I could do it, so can you!

FRIDAY – about 20 minutes


To finish up my week of training and get my reward of two resting days I follow this really great workout, which isn’t easy but really makes me feel proud of myself at the end. If you don’t have any of the equipment at home, you can substitute it as follows:

  • Except of using a ball ,, use your sofa, coffee table e.t.c.
  • If you don’t have dumbbells or weights , its ok, I use water bottles or even a whole pack of them. It still adds the extra weight thus giving result.
  • You can hold on to the table or a wall , if there is no TRrex near you.


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