Jurlique Calendula serum – Yay or Nay?

What is Jurlique?

The brand’s inventors are Dr Jürgen Klein, a biochemist, and his wife Ulrike, a botanist ( The name “Jurlique” is actually a mixture of their names). They believed in the force of nature, and wanted to combine alchemy, herbal medicine and homeopathy in their skin care line, that originated in Adelaide Hills in South Australia. The line itself is very natural and organic.


The Review

The Calendula Redness Rescue face serum was my first product from the brand. And counting how it is supposed to be all herbal and natural, I really wanted to love it. I mean, what could be better than a good all natural skin care product? Unfortunately I really did not enjoy it.


The texture of the serum is quite thin and gel like at first, however very quickly it becomes sticky and unpleasant. The product’s description promises to restore skin’s epidermal defenses, protect against skin aggressors and help soothe delicate skin.

I wouldn’t call my skin too sensitive, but after this serum it felt dry, and I wanted to apply something hydrating right away.


The smell is horrendous! Not because of its herbal properties, but because of how strong it is. I have been using the calendula extract for drying up blemishes, so the plant’s smell is familiar to me. But even in concentrated extract form it doesn’t linger this long on your skin. It makes the procedure of skin care using it quite unpleasant.

But I could deal with the smell, if I had seen results!

I didn’t see any changes in my skin, even after giving it a good try for a few months, so I personally am not going to repurchase it. I am still looking out to trying other products from the brand, but this serum was a complete fail for me.


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