Ship Inn – A bar that will rock your boat!

There isn’t a lot of places you feel as at home at, as here. Somehow, when wandering where to go for food, dessert, or even just a quick drink this is the place that pops into mind first.

Other bars in Limassol might have customers, but the Ship Inn has friends. And that is exactly how you are treated here.

Ship Inn

With a huge smile Mario (the owner), welcomes you from behind the bar, making you feel welcome and awaited. Always ready to lift your spirit with a funny joke or a simple uplifting comment, he is the man responsible for making this place keep its high quality of service, food and drinks for all these years.

Day or Night, there are always people here. Businessmen in corporate suits, teenagers in shorts and with trendy hairstyles, families with kids – this place seems to attract a completely diverse audience.

The more you come, the more you will start recognizing the faces, as the people who come here are regulars. And even though there is music playing in the background and people talking, you can easily communicate with each other without having to raise your voice.

Ship Inn

Ship Inn stands on the seaside front, in-between Debenhams and Enaerios. Right opposite it is a big indoor parking, with a free municipal parking behind it, which is a huge advantage for car owners.

The bar has a very unique design of a ship, hence the name Ship Inn. The interior has all sorts of marine decorations to continue the theme.

Ship Inn

There are many good things on its menu, but most importantly whatever you choose, you can be certain that it will taste good.

I have tried seafood, meat, salads, desserts here , and each time it was delicious.

You are given the opportunity to try dishes from Italy, Mexico, Cyprus and France, without having to leave the comfort of your town. The food portions are huge! For example, for  a price of about 9 euros, you receive a huge portion of seafood pilaf, that promises to leave you feeling full. The salads aren’t more than 13 euros, and will feed at least 2 persons.

Ship Inn

Ship Inn is also extremely popular among football fans, who choose this bar for their game watching.

Not only does it offer a big selection of good beer, with which you are always brought a bowl of salted popcorn on the house, but it also absolutely nails the bar snacks and platters. Mozarella sticks, BBQ wings, Bruschettas, ribs, Bavarian sausages can all be ordered separately or as a platter.

Ship Inn

Ship Inn

If you are a fan of burgers, go ahead and order the Bacon Burger, with its juicy meat, savory smoked bacon and soft fresh bun. If Mexican is more your thing, the burrito will leave you speechless, with the flavours blended beautifully.

Ship Inn

Even the vegetable soup, which is not one of my favourites, left me wanting to go and have it again and again.

Ship Inn

Finally last, but not least , if you manage to survive until dessert and still have space, go for the Strawberry Love crepes. The soft crepe filled with melted white chocolate and fresh local strawberries, sprinkled with buttery biscuit crumble and partnered with a scoop of strawberry and a scoop of vanilla ice cream, will not leave you indifferent.

There may be many bars in Limassol, but Ship Inn, will always have a special place in my heart.

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