The Buccaneer Pub & Restaurant: Meat lover’s galore

From the outside the Buccaneer is nothing special. A typical pub/restaurant, like many others on the island. Situated in the middle of Episkopi, you wouldn’t  give it a second glance.

However it is the simplicity of the place, that works to its advantage.

Sitting down at the wooden table, we noticed a big fat white cat proudly strolling past us, before settling down at the foot of the table behind us. A few locals were casually sipping their beers.

The whole atmosphere was very relaxed and chill.


Quite soon a young waiter brought us the menus, which were very straight forward. There weren’t any fancy names or gourmet dishes.

Pastas, burgers, snacks and most importantly a big selection of grilled meat.  And it is the meat, I recommend you try. 

One of Buccaneer’s specials is definitely the 600 gr pork chop. Yes, you read that correct, 600 gr of meat. I have never seen a pork chop that size. It is enormous! Brought on a plate with fries and a side salad, it looks like it could have easily come from a mammoth, and not a pig. Cooked perfectly, it is soft and very juicy.


A definite challenge for the meat lovers!


The BBQ ribs are not much smaller and are just as famous. The meat separates from the bones effortlessly, while the zesty taste of the BBQ sauce, with the meat melting in your mouth , easily allows this dish to compete for the “best ribs in town” award.


Thankfully, you can order half of the portion, without having to commit gluttony.


Buccaneer wouldn’t be an English pub, if it didn’t offer a proper English breakfast, served with toast and either coffee, tea or orange juice. Available until 13:00 and costing only 7 euros, this is a great way to enjoy brunch on a Sunday.

Two savory pork sausages, with local salty lountza, a juicy grilled tomato and mushrooms, beans in tomato sauce and two fried eggs – all form the healing mixture, so needed after a long party night.


The Buccaneer may not be a fancy destination, but in its own and simple way , it is definitely a place you will remember and will want to come back to. And sometimes all you need is a simple place with good meat.




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