Haagen- Dazs Limassol : Not your typical ice cream parlor

When I think of Haagen-Dazs ice cream , I think of it as a product of quality and luxury. And I would’ve never imagined, that behind it lies a marketing success story, like no other. The  name, which has no meaning, and was mainly used for its Danish sounding, and the fact that the ice cream originated in the USA and not in Europe, make me admire the great strategy behind the brand. So I could not pass the opportunity to visit one of its cafes.

Haagen- Dazs

There are two Haagen- Dazs cafes in Limassol, but we decided to visit the oldest one in the tourist area. Almost merging with café Pascucci right next to it, thanks to the very similar color scheme used, Haagen- Dazs surprises you with its normality. Nothing too over the top.

Haagen- Dazs

Walking up the little stairs you enter the outside area, which manages to remain isolated and quiet, even though it is right opposite the road.

The setting is quite romantic, and I would even say perfect, for a first date.

The menu excites with its variety. Firstly, there are over a dozen of different ice-cream desserts. Not just plain scoops on a plate, but actual proper desserts, with biscuits, fresh berries, melted chocolate etc. The beautiful illustrations make it absolutely impossible to choose, calling you to try them all.

Haagen- Dazs

But it’s not just ice cream. Cakes, pancakes, brownies, croissants, waffles – this place is a real sweet paradise.

When you finally make up your mind and receive your order, you realize what makes this ice-cream parlor so different. The genius strategy of its creators is right before your eyes, for it is not the product that gets the attention, but the way it is served. The composition on your plate, is carefully thought through, each element in its place.

The flavors are picked to complement each other, making your taste buds go on a journey of pure pleasure.

Haagen- Dazs

Even the scoops have actual decorations on them, a unique and interesting idea, I personally have never seen before. And of course the actual ice-cream flavors are mostly interesting combinations, rather than just simple single ones.

The café also offers a number of different cocktails and beverages. Going for the Raspberry Daiquiri, I never imagined it to be as strong as it was, definitely letting me know from the start that there was rum present in my drink.

Haagen- Dazs

Tasty none the less, it is not a cocktail for a light drinker.

Overall I will definitely come here again and again. A great atmosphere, beautiful tasty desserts to fit any wish and a completely reasonable price tag, I give Haagen- Dazs a big thumbs up!

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