Cellulite: Tips that actually work

First of all, I want everyone to know that cellulite is something all girls suffer from. Thanks to our genetics, body structure or lifestyle it can be very visible or barely visible, but we still have it. And that’s OK.

It is OK to love your body the way it is, with all its “flaws” and “imperfections”, because they are the ones that make us unique.

Myths about cellulite being a flaw, and how “hot” girls, celebrities and models don’t have it, cause so many of us, to feel unattractive and ashamed of our bodies, when really , we should be celebrating them. When untouched photos of celebs from the beach appear on-line, with their bodies not looking up to the set standards, they are laughed at by the media. This forms a certain attitude towards these matters, which in my opinion, is horrible.

Why is cellulite, stretch marks etc considered ugly and unattractive? Who said that they cannot be seen as beautiful?

Looking back at the images of women in ancient times, represented in thousands of paintings, you can see that not only were they not stick thin, but all bared their “flaws” with pride. They managed to inspire painters and artists to portray them in their masterpieces, which we ourselves admire today.

None of these women, that till this day captivate art lovers from all over the world with their beauty, fit any of the modern day standards. So why should we?

The tips below, will not rid you of cellulite completely. It is impossible. They will however tone your skin, thus making them less visible. But most importantly they will help your blood circulation, and this way help you stay healthy.

This is what you should be caring about – Being healthy, no getting rid of cellulite. 




Dry Brushing is all together a great thing for your skin, as it helps too exfoliate it and make your skin velvety. The skin’s appearance improves, thus making cellulite less obvious. All you need for it is:

  • A dry brush made of natural materials ( My one is from Eco Tools and was bought in Boots in Edinburgh. They are also sold on Iherb)
  • A body oil of your choice (this is not necessary)


Put a drop of oil on the brush and start the brushing. Make sure your skin is dry beforehand.

I would recommend using oil with orange essence, as it is considered the best for toning your skin.


The main idea is to always move according to your lymphatic drainage aka upwards. Here is a chart of how to do it.




This method has been around for ages, but it started getting talked about only recently. Even in the old times vacuum cups were used as a method of getting the blood circulation flowing, to rid a person of different sicknesses.

Today it is counted as one of the most effective ways to get rid of cellulite, stretch marks and even lose the centimeters! It does all this, by helping your blood circulation work better.

However you should be careful, and make sure you know exactly how to do it. Also, if you are pregnant, have problems with veins, high blood pressure and skin sicknesses, this is not for you! If not this is what you will need:

  • Vacuum cups ( These can be ordered online. I got mine from Aliexpress)
  • Cream shower gel or body oil

Vacuum massage can be done two ways – using oil on dry skin, or using a cream gel in the shower. I personally prefer the second way, as it is easier and also this way I don’t forget to do it.


The main idea is to make sure you don’t do it on dry skin. There has to be a substance to help the vacuum cups glide easier. Most importantly, DO NOT let the vacuum cup stay in one place for too long, it should ALWAYS be moving.

I have to warn you from the beginning, you will get bruises, and no it is not always pleasant. In the parts were you have the most concentrated fat cells, it will be quite unpleasant. Not painful, but unpleasant. The bruises may appear, in parts were you suck in the skin too hard, but they shouldn’t be big and should fade soon. If you get too many, you should wait a few days before doing it again, and maybe try a lighter approach.


This is a chart which shows the exact way to do the massage. Always move up with the lymphatic drainage.

Make sure to never use the cups in your bikini zone or on your inner thighs!



Scrubs are great for exfoliation and for blood circulation. They are a quick way to help your skin every day. I would recommend going for salt scrubs or coffee scrubs, as they would have a better effect.  Body polishes with small exfoliating particles, really just don’t get the job done.

You can also do your own coffee scrub or salt scrub at home, here is the easy-peasy tutorial!


For me, this is the hardest part. I love my food and get huge mood swings when I control what I eat. So I compromise. I say no to the things I can live without, and allow myself to indulge the things I love once a week.

Stop eating:

  • Alcohol – a very easy thing for me to say no to. Don’t really like it and will only consume 1 glass of wine in like 3 months. Same goes for cocktails – only on special occasions and not more than 1.
  • Sugar – much harder. As I am a huge sweet tooth, I went on a compromise here. I stopped drinking coffee and tea with sugar. Stopped consuming fizzy drinks and store bought juices, going for fresh juices and water instead. However I do allow myself Ice-cream and sweets, when I feel the need for them. Not every day, but still.
  • Too much coffee – I can’t live without coffee. Seriously, I need it to function. So what I did is I made sure to not have more than 2 coffees a day. Usually I just have one in the morning, but if I go out with friends I might allow myself to drink another. Also I drink my coffee with milk, thus making it less harsh for my body.
  • Canned goods – Easy peasy. I don’t eat them anyway ( Though my husband likes canned tuna and canned beans in tomato sauce , which I personally find disgusting lol)
  • A lot of salt – ok this is probably my biggest downfall. I love chips. I can eat 5 packets at once. Yes , I know, but I can’t help it. I have limited my consumption of them to the minimum, but I could never say no to them forever. Either than that, I don’t use salt in anything else, preferring to just add spices (which have a salt minimum in them anyway).

Start eating:

  • Vegetables – I love baked veggies, or sautéed veggies, so this is something we eat at home anyway. Also I recently found a great recipe for a vegetable soup, that is tasty and easy to make.
  • Red berries, mango , citruses – Being allergic to like 90% of fruits, I consume a lot of the 10% left. It just so happens that these are the main anti-cellulite ones. Mangos, pineapples, strawberries, raspberries, apples, oranges and grapefruits  – not only are these tasty, they also give you the vitamins needed.
  • Avocado – I add them to salads and keep it at that.
  • Eggs – also very easy. Love eggs for breakfast.
  • Nuts – Mainly try adding almonds as a snack alternative.

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