NYX Lingerie eye tint – Yay or Nay?

NYX lingerie

What is NYX?

This brand has been around for ages! It’s more than 17 years old. The founder’s name is Toni Ko , and she named the company after  the Greek goddess of the night. The brand’s first product was the eyeliner/eye-shadow hybrid Jumbo Eye Pencil in a bright white.

The Review

I have never really been a fan of cream shadows, simply for one reason – they crease. Most cream shadows just don’t sit put on my lids, and eventually give me zebra eyelids. So when I swatched NYX’s eye tint from the Lingerie collection, I didn’t set my hopes too high. The color was really pretty and I wanted to try something quick and easy for this summer’s everyday look, so I bought it mostly for fun.

NYX lingerie

However, having tested it these past two days, I can with full honesty say, that these tints are really really great!

The formulae is almost whipped like, so it feels really comfortable on the lids. It doesn’t set too quickly and gives you enough time to do some blending, or even to pat on some powder shadow on top. And when it sets, it sets for good.

NYX lingerie

I wore this shadow for the whole day, while it was +36 outside, went swimming to the sea, and it was still there, when I got home in the evening.

NYX lingerie

The color Sweet Cloud 01 is really beautiful, and fits perfectly for the summer. It gives a bronze shimmer to the eyelids, really adding that extra something to the look.

I really didn’t like the lip Lingerie , but the eye one is Amazing. So I would definitely recommend everyone to go and swatch it at the NYX counter. You won’t regret it!

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