Lemongrass House coffee and coconut body butter – Yay or Nay?

Lemongrass body butter

What is Lemongrass House?

 This family business originated all the way in Thailand, about 20 years ago. The brand is organic, and even its headquarters are made up of  yellow and green recycled shipping containers.  The products were originally made in the kitchen of the family’s and sold at a local Weekend Market. Its mosquito repellent balm, was made famous by UNICEF, who placed a huge order for it, giving the brand its big break.

 The Review

 I usually prefer lightweight body lotions to the more heavy body butters, but this product is a real game changer. I have tried the BodyShop, Lush, Yves Rocher etc, but I wouldn’t give any of them a 5/5 rating. However, this butter has become a staple in my everyday routine and I honestly believe it is one of the nicest body butters out there.

Lemongrass body butter

The formulae is unlike any other I tried before. It sinks into the skin in less than 2 minutes, and leaves it feeling silky , not greasy and deeply moisturized.

I don’t need to wait ages to get dressed, and  it doesn’t  leave oily prints on clothes. It is basically like a lightweight body lotion, except it offers a much deeper hydration.

Lemongrass body butter

The line has a selection of fragrances, but I really enjoy the coffee and coconut one. It smells like a beautiful dessert, and lingers on the skin for ages!

All the products are handmade and organic, which means that there aren’t any harmful chemicals in them. If you are a person, who loves going to the SPA and treating yourself to girl nights, you definitely should take time to visit their shop near you and try the products.

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