NYX Prismatic Shadows collection – worth the Hype?

NYX prismatic

These shadows are probably the prettiest shadows I have seen recently. They grabbed my attention at the store, and once I started swatching them, I was hooked. That’s why I ended up with 5 different colors.

They are soft, almost cream like, and extremely pigmented! There is also very little fallout, which is amazing for shimmery shades.

The packaging is very cute , with the little bow in the front, however, it is made of quite cheap plastic , meaning that there is a risk of it breaking during travel.

NYX prismatic

The color selection is unbelievable. Even though, some of the shadows, at first glance, seem to be quite average, when you swatch them, they shock you with their uniqueness.

I had thoughts of magical fairytale creatures, when I looked at the color scheme.

Eventually these are the ones I couldn’t leave behind:

NYX prismatic
Girl Talk
NYX prismatic
NYX prismatic
NYX prismatic
Liquid Gold
NYX prismatic


NYX prismatic

Top to bottom – Girl Talk, Mermaid, Voodoo, Liquid Gold, Frostbite

My main surprise was from Frostbite. What appeared to be a typical silvery white, when swatched turned into a magnificent iridescent unicorn like color, that I have not seen before. It can even be used as a highlighter, as it lights up the face beautifully.

Voodoo is also a very unique shade. A duo-chrome brown with a green shine, is the perfect shade for a forest fairy, don’t you think?

I think that this is one of NYX’s best eyeshadow collections. They definitely stand out and are extremely beautiful on the lid. Worth the Hype – 100%!

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