MAC Beaming Blush Highlighter

MAC Beaming Blush Highlighter

When people talk about MAC highlighters, the one that usually gets all the hype is OH, Darling. And without doubt it really is a beautiful “in your face” highlighter. However, my favourite one is still the Beaming Blush.

It is a much more subtle highlight, that gives your skin that inner halo glow effect, that looks absolutely stunning.

Also I think that this shade is much more better for fair skinned girls, as the other ones might look too intense on pale skin (than again can there be “too much highlight?”).  The packaging is typical for MAC. A steady plastic, that doesn’t feel flimsy, and is travel safe.

I still believe that they could have done it a bit more cuter, just for the sake, that you are giving a pretty big amount of money for the product.

MAC Beaming Blush Highlighter

 I get the whole “professional makeup artist vibe” they are trying to pursue with the design, but still, other brands manage to kind of tick both boxes. And it would definitely be nicer to have a mirror in the compact, for on the go touch ups.

The formulae was a bit stiffer than I expected ( I don’t know why I was thinking of more of a gel to powder one ). It is really pigmented and applies magically.

MAC Beaming Blush Highlighter

The finish on the skin is really stunning and I find myself reaching for this highlighter more than my other powder ones, especially when I am going for a more sophisticated look.

I sometimes I even multi-use it as an eye shadow as well, for the glowing “no makeup” makeup look. It really allows you to add that extra something without being to “in your face” there.

Another big plus is, that you do get a lot of product, which means it will last your for ages. This makes the price more reasonable.


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