Essence 2 in 1 Eyeshadow and Liner

Essence 2 in 1

I think I have found my second favourite summer eye product! My first still has to be the NYX Lingerie eye tint I talked about last week. But this Essence jumbo pencil really deserves the second place!

It is a quick, easy and awesome way to nail the budge prove look.

You can easily walk past it at the counter, but really do stop for it. Like most Essence products ( I talk about the brand in more detail here) the packaging looks very cheap. And the whole vibe reminds me strongly of Crayola crayons from childhood. But it has travelled with me heaps of times and managed to survive every trip. The lettering may have erased a bit, but the product is safe and sound.

Essence 2 in 1

The formulae is great! It applies creamy and can be easily blended with your finger or a brush.

But when it sets…that’s it! It won’t budge no matter what!

I went swimming with it, spend a whole day out without touch ups, used it as a base for other powder shadows and guess what, it passed every test! This budget friendly product really kicks ass.

The shade 03 Light me UP is a great highlight shade. It would also work great as an inner eye rim highlight (though I would recommend using a brush for that, as the pencil itself is quite big)

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