Korres Cucumber eye mask

korres eye mask

What is Korres?

This Greek brand, originated in Athens in 1996. Its founder was a pharmacist, who was interested in producing all natural beauty products with the use of homeopathy. The brand was a pioneer in natural skin care in its country. Its first ever skin care product was the Wild Rose 24-hour cream, which today is a worldwide bestseller.

The Review

At first I honestly thought that this was going to be a gimmicky product. Eye mask in gel form? I might as well just cut real cucumbers and put them on my eyes. And that will be a fully natural life hack. But after trying it for the first time, I fell in love!

This mask really works wonders for tired eyes!

korres eye mask

My work mostly involves long hours of non-stop work with text formats on my PC. This means that my eyes are always tired and red, and the burning sensation is something I am very much used to. So when after a long work day I applied this mask to my eyes and actually felt the cooling sensation really relax my eyes, I was hooked!

Its easy, fast and the good part is that you can literally apply it anywhere!

The size is very travel friendly and is small enough to fit in your pocket. You only need a small drop of gel to spread on both eyes, so the product actually lasts you a long time. The gel is clear so you can even apply at work, to give your eyes the break they need and deserve.

korres eye mask

I honestly wish I knew about this eye mask sooner, as it really made working at the computer less hurtful for my eye sight.

A good tip is to hold it in the fridge for the extra cooling effect. But even if you keep it at room temperature, it still will have it. All together a great product.

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