Sensai 38C Volumising Mascara

Sensai volumising mascara

About the Brand

This high-end brand is not known to many and is quite hard to find in shops. It originated in Japan in 1887, and belongs to Kanebo Ltd. The company prides itself in using modern innovative technologies and natural ingredients, such as their signature  Koishimaru Silk, to prepare their products.


This mascara was given to me as a present by my mother in law, who absolutely adores it. I have heard of the brand before but as it is only sold in one shop in Moscow, I never really paid it any attention.

The packaging is very simple. So not what you expect from a high-end expensive mascara.

Putting it next to my favourite mascara from Guerlain, which has a very luxurious design and an amazing perfume smell, it looks nothing special and pretty boring. But first impressions can be deceiving!

Sensai volumising mascara

The brush is great. It is long and curved, with frequent bristles , offering your lashes an instant elongated volumised curve.

This mascara doesn’t flake, stays put all day and is honestly one of the best formulas I have tried. Especially for the summer! I can literally apply this mascara in the morning, go to the gym, have a shower, stay out in the blazing sun all day, and in the evening it will still be there, looking like I had just applied it.

Sensai volumising mascara

Its staying power and quality is out of this world, and makes it really worth the money it costs!

To take it off, you literally need oil or makeup remover, as warm water and soap, will do nothing to it. But with eye makeup remover it comes of easily and in one sweep.

This mascara might not work for everyone, but if you are looking for a budge proof stay all day mascara that will not give you panda eyes, this is the one you need!

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