Max Factor Crème Puff Blush

Max Factor creme puff blush

The brand

Max Factor was founded by a polish beautician, and for most of its early stages focused on movie makeup. Today it is part of Proctor and Gamble and is one of the oldest and most popular brands on the drugstore market.


These blushes are mostly famous for being a great dupe for the Ambient light powders. I, however, bought it as a spontaneous grab at the shop’s till. And for a really long time my hand didn’t reach towards it, because I honestly thought that the colour would be too pale for me (I have it in 05 Lovely Pink).

When I finally gave in and applied, it became one of my favourite all natural looking blushes, that I use on my no-makeup days.

MAx FActor creme puff blush

The packaging is very sturdy and is made of good quality plastic. This for me is always a big plus, as it makes the product travel safe. It opens up easily , so you don’t need to break your nails while doing so. Part of me kind of would want it to include a mirror or an applicator, but at the same time it is nice to actually see the colour of the product straight away.

Max Factor creme puff blush

It has a very soft perfume powdery smell, which nevertheless is not carried onto the skin during application.

The powder is very finely milled and is extremely soft. Almost velvet like. It is easily picked up with a brush and blends beautifully on the face, leaving a soft colour flush on the cheeks, with a hint of a glow.

A really great natural blush for pale skinned girls, for a good price.

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