Haagen- Dazs Limassol : Not your typical ice cream parlor

When I think of Haagen-Dazs ice cream , I think of it as a product of quality and luxury. And I would’ve never imagined, that behind it lies a marketing success story, like no other. The  name, which has no meaning, and was mainly used for its Danish sounding, and the fact that the ice cream originated in the USA and not in Europe, make me admire the great strategy behind the brand. So I could not pass the opportunity to visit one of its cafes.

Haagen- Dazs

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The Buccaneer Pub & Restaurant: Meat lover’s galore

From the outside the Buccaneer is nothing special. A typical pub/restaurant, like many others on the island. Situated in the middle of Episkopi, you wouldn’t  give it a second glance.

However it is the simplicity of the place, that works to its advantage.

Sitting down at the wooden table, we noticed a big fat white cat proudly strolling past us, before settling down at the foot of the table behind us. A few locals were casually sipping their beers.

The whole atmosphere was very relaxed and chill.


Quite soon a young waiter brought us the menus, which were very straight forward. There weren’t any fancy names or gourmet dishes.

Pastas, burgers, snacks and most importantly a big selection of grilled meat.  And it is the meat, I recommend you try. 

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The Limassol Marina

Limassol Marina

The Limassol Marina is one of the most popular places in town. Built in the place of the old port, it definitely gives you a glimpse, of how the city might look like in a few years.

With its luxurious white yachts, modernistic architecture and high-end shops, the it reminds me of Cannes or Monte Carlo.

The beautiful scenery hypnotizes you, giving a sense of serenity and vacation.  Which is probably why it attracts so many people, locals and tourists.

Limassol Marina

A huge selection of cafés and restaurants gives you the opportunity to choose according to your budget and desire. Whether you are looking for coffee, pizza or a proper meal, it is all there in front of you. Here are a few of my personal favourite  places.

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Discovering Cyprus: Amathunta – The lost city of legends

East of Limassol lies the once beautiful city of Amathus or Amathunta. Dating all the way back to 1100 BC, it was destroyed during an Arab invasion in the 7th century AD. It is one of the main tourist attractions in Limassol, but unfortunately it is often taken for granted.  Meanwhile, the ancient city is actually one of the greatest discoveries on the island.

Amathunta in legends and in literature


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