Cellulite: Tips that actually work

First of all, I want everyone to know that cellulite is something all girls suffer from. Thanks to our genetics, body structure or lifestyle it can be very visible or barely visible, but we still have it. And that’s OK.

It is OK to love your body the way it is, with all its “flaws” and “imperfections”, because they are the ones that make us unique.

Myths about cellulite being a flaw, and how “hot” girls, celebrities and models don’t have it, cause so many of us, to feel unattractive and ashamed of our bodies, when really , we should be celebrating them. When untouched photos of celebs from the beach appear on-line, with their bodies not looking up to the set standards, they are laughed at by the media. This forms a certain attitude towards these matters, which in my opinion, is horrible.

Why is cellulite, stretch marks etc considered ugly and unattractive? Who said that they cannot be seen as beautiful?

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